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Julie Valentine Busy Bag

Julie Valentine Busy Bag

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“You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you” - John Bunyan

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Busy bags are available to purchase and donate to the Julie Valentine Center! Each Blue Dove bag contains comfort items to help those that come to the center feel more at home. Donated item includes:
- large reusable Blue Dove tote
- Journal
- Colored pencil set
- Socks
- Gum
- Small reusable Blue Dove zippered wristlet
- Comb
- Lotion
- Chap stick
- Hair ties
- Kleenex

As a thank you, purchaser will also receive an exclusive Blue Dove reusable grocery bag or zippered wristlet / patterns may vary. If you would like to donate a bag in honor of a friend, family member or loved one, we are happy to send your freebie bag to them with an acknowledgement that it was purchased in their honor. Please consider donating to this amazing cause 💙