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Annie Belle

Annie Belle

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Introducing ‘Annie Belle’  inspired by Rachel Zangrando

Delicate lace accented peach embroidered pockets on this perfectly sky blue pinafore with a beige overlay is a must have! The story behind its existence is even more precious 💙

One of my most ingrained childhood memories is of a shed outback my great grandmother’s home. It always smelled like peaches. Lining the walls of the shed were jars of canned peaches. Every single birthday I had growing up was celebrated with a warm peach cobbler, and vanilla ice cream. I never knew why my great grandmother, Annie Belle, loved peaches, until she was in her 80’s and in the hospital one summer. I was a teenager with a ‘tude, but my family asked that I go to the hospital every day and spend some time with her. That’s when I found out about the peaches, and how growing them and canning and baking with them, healed her.

She was 14 years old when she was about to deliver her first baby. My grandfather spent all day working in a factory, and my great grandmother tended their crops, and kept house. One day, at about 8 months pregnant, she got trampled by their cow. She managed to get herself back to their house in time to deliver their baby girl, who didn’t survive being trampled. All alone, she took one of her husband’s work shirts, and sewed up a little gown for her baby girl, and went outside and buried her. Heartsick, she went to bed, and never knew how many days depression kept her in bed, but she remembered the first morning she began to lift out of the fog, and what she remembered was smelling peaches, ripe in the orchard.

That summer changed my life. As did my great grandmother’s story of her firstborn baby, and her healing peaches. Annie Belle went on to have 5 more babies, but even in the hospital at her old age, whenever a nurse asked her how many children she had, she always told them 6.

That’s why my mind is ever crafting peach beauties for my daughters. That’s why I submitted a design for this peach pinafore. I hope you love it as much as I do!! 💙💙💙💙💙