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Welcome to The Nest


Hi, loves! I’m Emily Franke, owner of Blue Dove. I am so excited to share The Nest with you, the newest place for us to gather as a Blue Dove community. It is my hope that this will be a place that you will visit often when you need inspiration, handy tips, information about upcoming releases, or simply want to enjoy and be inspired by the beauty around us.
When I founded the company back in 2014, I had no way of anticipating the way that something as simple as clothing would bring together such a strong and vibrant group of diverse, talented, smart, and engaging women and their families. Over the past three years, I have met and interacted with many of you, and have been so amazed by your kindness, creativity, and commitment to helping others. It is my hope that The Nest will be another way for me to get to know even more of you.
You may hear the quote below from me from time to time. It’s something I treasure and reflect on in my daily life and also describes the values that drive me forward in this business. I encourage you to bookmark this page to stay updated and in the know with all of the exciting things we have in store.
“Today you can embrace kindness, practice compassion, stand up for justice, talk to strangers, ask for help, offer hope and listen with your whole heart.” Author Unknown
If you ever have a topic you’d like us to cover, a question, or would just like to say hello, please contact us at thenest@bluedovekids.com. I also invite you to join us on social media, if you haven’t done so already be sure to follow us  here  on Facebook and join us here on the fan page . Thank you for being a part of my life and for welcoming me and my clothing into yours.


  • Every bit of success and growth brings my heart more joy than I can describe. From my very first experience with Blue Dove and Emily Franke, I felt like God was speaking to me that this beautiful community of kindred spirits was a gift he was offering to me. The clothes are over the top incredible, and the best part is that Blue Dove allows me to dress my bigger girls just as beautifully as my baby girls. Emily’s brilliance and talent knows no bounds, and her undeniably kind and compassionate heart are a paramount influence on this community and what makes it so special.

    Rachel Zangrando
  • Every piece is just as amazing as the next. We love the classic/traditional style that bluedove offers, and look forward to every collection, and the opportunity to share the bluedovelove.

    Kendra Elmer
  • Keep in touch with me..Grandson coming

  • So happy to have been able to watch you from the start, and to see the growth over the years! This truly is your labor of love and I can’t wait to see what will come in the years ahead.

    Brenda S.
  • There is something truly special about the Blue Dove clothes and the women in this group. I am so happy for you Emily and all your success and I’m thankful for this group of wonderful ladies. P.S. That tea pot dress speaks to my heart. The last thing my Grandma hand embroidered for me before she passed was kitchen towels with tea pots and tea cups on them. ???

    Crystal Keith

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