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'Scribble' & Shoes!

Hey Blue Dove friends!  I hope y'all had a wonderful and restful weekend with your families.  I know many of us are back to school or the big day is right around the corner.  For those of us not in school uniforms, finding that perfect First Day of School look can be quite exciting!  Blue Dove has been on fire this month with not one, but TWO adorable releases that are perfect for this action-packed time of year: 'Wonder' and 'Scribble!'  

Before we get to 'Scribble,' let's talk about 'Wonder' for a minute! 'Wonder' from Blue Dove's Signature line released last week and is still available on the website in some sizes ranging from 12 mo-12 yr. With its' stunning mint batiste with diamond jacquard details, signature sash, hand embroidered bodice, and tiered double layer skirts, your daughter will be best dressed and picture perfect for her first day! It really is so versatile and coordinates with many different colored accessories and shoes.

'Wonder' from Blue Dove's Signature line 

Photo by Blue Dove

This week, Blue Dove land is in a frenzy over 'Scribble,' which will be released on Tuesday, August 8th, at 8:00 PM CST and available in sizes 12 mo-12 yr.  For those of you with boys, you'll be delighted to know that 'Scribble' also has a boy match!  This set features gorgeous aqua gingham with bright and cheerful crayons.  If you own the dress from the 'Pride and Joy' release, please note that it is the same style!


'Scribble' by Blue Dove releases Tuesday, 8/8 at 8:00 PM CST
Photo by Blue Dove
This week, we have a special guest blogger joining us in The Nest.  Our very own Blue Dove Brand Representative Coordinator, Jillian Robinson-Garcia, is here today to share a how-to guide for creating the most adorable accessory for 'Scribble' for both boys and girls! If you've been active in our Blue Dove Love Facebook group or admired the Blue Dove promotional photos for releases such as 'Lady Mary' and 'Puddles,' then you have seen some of Jillian's impressive talents and her beautiful twins, Max and Elli.  A true Renaissance woman, Jillian is knowledgeable about everything she sets her sights on, from photography, wardrobe and costuming advice, crafts, holistic health, to anything Disney related.  I know that many Blue Dove moms have benefited from her advice and suggestions on all of the above and so much more!  It should come as no surprise then that Jillian has outdone herself with preparation for the 'Scribble' release.  Please welcome Jillian as she joins us for the first time in The Nest  to share one of her special ideas with us!

 Jillian and her twins, Max and Elli, are always ready for any occasion!

Photo provided by Jillian Robinson-Garcia


DIY 'Scribble' Shoes

by Jillian Robinson-Garcia

Hello! I'm Jillian Robinson-Garcia, a self-appointed personal life assistant and biggest fan of my twins, Max and Elli. As some of you know, we live life like it's a live-themed musical production, complete with choreographed theatrics, singing, dancing, photography, videography and, of course, brilliant costuming!  With summer coming to a close, my mind has been on my kids and their first day of preschool.  Enter Blue Dove with the incredible 'Scribble' matching brother and sister set!  

I love the endless possibilities crayons give children to express themselves in an artistic way. Similarly, I found the bold colors of the crayons against the aqua gingham on 'Scribble' to give me the same inspiration for creative ways to accessorize this beautiful set.  As I started brainstorming, I wanted to ensure that I was finding crayon themed ideas that were both functional and mom paparazzi photo friendly for those cherished First Day of School pictures.  After much research, I decided that the perfect accessory to match the beautiful 'Scribble' embroidery was...crayon shoes!  

These adorable shoes are easy and inexpensive to make and are sure to bring a smile to your child's face.  They would also be perfect for teachers or moms who like to match their children! :)  I am so looking forward to seeing Elli and Max in their 'Scribble' outfits and matching shoes as they start this special new chapter in their lives.  Wishing you all the best as you head back to school!


Supply List:

  • pencil
  • white canvas shoes
  • acrylic paints: black, choose one color and buy two different shades of the same color (Tip: get the kind of acrylic paint that is good for indoor/outdoor use)
  • acrylic sealer (comes in an aerosol can)
  • flat angled brushes

Step 1:

Discard all tags and packaging and remove shoelaces.

Step 2:

Paint the entire shoe with one of the two similar colors.  This color will represent the "paper" around the crayon. Let dry.

Step 3:

Using a pencil, mark where you will paint the wax portion of the crayon on the toe and heel with the other shade of the same color. Paint and let dry.

Step 4:

Using a pencil, draw one side of the black squiggled line. Then, paint the black markings. I did a long line then added bumps that looked like the letter B over and over again. This gave me the shape of the squiggle and from there I followed the squiggle parallel to for the other side. Then I painted long line connecting that side. Repeat for all black squiggles. Let dry.



 Step 5:

Scrape away any paint on the rubber with your finger or sharp object. To remove paint from the shoelace metal brackets, rub with your finger.

Step 6:

Spray shoes with acrylic sealer in a well ventilated area. Let dry.

Step 7:

String shoelaces and let your kiddo enjoy their mama made crayon shoes!


Thank you, Jillian, for joining us in The Nest and for sharing your delightful and whimsical crayon inspired shoes with us!  If you have feedback or other accessory ideas for 'Scribble,' please reply in the comments section below.  We'd love to hear from you!  And don't forget, set your alarms for 8:00 PM CST on Tuesday, August 8th!


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