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From My Perch

Hi Blue Dove friends!

My name is Helen and I am honored to join you here in The Nest!  I will be one of the people you hear from regularly on our blog to help share Blue Dove news, stories and other exciting happenings.  I know many of you, but wanted to introduce myself and share my Blue Dove story for those of you I haven’t met yet!  My husband and I have a daughter named Jillian and call Houston, TX home.  I am a stay-at-home mom, but find myself regularly using skills from my past life as a fundraiser and event planner through my volunteer work and personal blog.  Our family enjoys traveling, exploring our city, spending time with friends and family, and, of course, Blue Dove!


My Blue Dove Story

Last summer I found myself looking for some cute clothes for my daughter, Jillian.  I had gone to all of my usual places (Old Navy, Carter’s, etc.) but I was looking for something truly special and unique.  I wore smocked clothes when I was a child (lovingly handmade by my mom) so we had a few smocked pieces, but was otherwise unfamiliar with the “boutique” and “BST” world.  Then one day, I was scrolling through Facebook and I came across my friend Erin’s posts.  I had always admired the way her kids were dressed and she happened to be a big Blue Dove fan.  I reached out and we linked up to chat about everything boutique/BST 101.  She was so helpful and, much to my husband’s chagrin, introduced me to this crazy, special and fun world of children’s boutique clothing. ;)

I joined the Blue Dove Love Facebook group page and the rest was history.  The first piece I ever purchased was and is one of my favorite Blue Dove pieces to date: Peace on Earth.  I purchased it from another mama and Jillian wore it for our family photos last fall.  I have it tucked away safely in our forever box and have since purchased our size up for this winter.  This dress will always remind me of the simple days of childhood and the fun day my husband and I had chasing her around our local park trying to get that one special shot. For me, this is a large part of what makes Blue Dove such a special part of our lives.  All of our Blue Dove outfits have stories and family memories attached to them.  Sometimes they’re memories from a milestone event and other times they are from a simple outing to the grocery store or church.  I treasure these memories (and the clothes) all the same.  The quality, craftsmanship, age appropriate designs, beautiful (and kid proof) fabrics, and the woman behind the brand keep me coming back for more!

Jillian in Peace on Earth, Photo by: Kristen Eide Photography

Jillian in Peace on Earth, Photo by: Kristen Eide Photography

Since Peace on Earth, our Blue Dove collection has grown and so has our love for the brand and community.  What I have found in our Blue Dove family is more than just beautiful and thoughtfully designed children’s clothes.  Over the past year, I have formed friendships, a sisterhood and camaraderie with women from all over the country.  Some of them I met through Jillian being a Blue Dove brand rep and others I met through BST transactions or friends of friends.  From the state of Washington to North Carolina and Georgia, I have a group of incredible women that I keep in touch with on a daily basis, who see me through the good and bad times and are always there with a supportive hand or good advice.  Blue Dove has brought us together and enriched my life in many ways. 


Our back to school photo in Blue Dove's Blue Marilyn dress

Photo: Happiness is Life Photography

Whether you are brand new to Blue Dove or have been around from the beginning, I hope you have experienced the genuine love and care that goes into each piece of clothing.  If you haven’t already joined the Blue Dove Love Facebook group, I highly encourage you to do so.  It is a positive and uplifting place to be and the best place to find your Blue Dove “unicorns” and find out the latest news!

What is your Blue Dove story?  Please comment and share what/who brought you here and how long you have been in the Blue Dove family!  If you have any blog post ideas or suggestions for our team, please e-mail me at thenest@bluedovekids.com.  I’d love to hear from you!  Thank you for visiting The Nest and for all of your support along the way!  




  • Helen, I’m so happy you joined this crazy Boutique world! You’re one of a kind ? Tell hubby “sowwwwy” from me

  • Hey sweet Helen! Loved reading your BD story and a little history behind your little family. I so look forward to seeing pictures of your beautiful Jillian! Loving getting to know everyone here at The Nest❤️

    Rhonda Beall

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