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31 Ways to Spread Joy and Kindness in December

Hello Blue Dove family!
I hope you and your families had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  Here at Blue Dove, we have so many things to be thankful for, especially all of you!  In Houston, the leaves are FINALLY starting to change color, but we continue to enjoy most days in shorts and sandals. :)  My family has been spending more evenings outside and we're now preparing for Christmas!  Over the past few weeks, we've spent a lot of time as a family reflecting and discussing our blessings, hardships and memorable experiences of the past year.  Our hearts are full of gratitude for the amazing, talented and giving friends and family in our "tribe." 
I know Blue Dove has a special place in many of your families.  The saying "It's more than just clothes" is evident every day in the special interactions that we witness day in and day out on our social media and BST pages.  Part of what makes our Blue Dove family so wonderful is that we have some of the most service-minded and giving moms and ladies in the land!  With that in mind, we wanted to welcome the holiday season by sharing kindness and joy with those around us and in our communities.  We knew you would want to share in the fun with us!  Below, you will find 31 different ideas for spreading kindness and joy to others as a family or as an individual (one for each day in December!)
Be sure to comment with the idea(s) you'd like to try with your family or one that you've thought of that isn't on this list!
Wishing you many blessings this holiday season!
31 Days of Giving and Sharing Kindness in December
1. Babysit your friend or family member's child(ren) so that they can go on a date night.
2. Read to kids at your local library or your child’s classroom for story time.
3. Compliment a stranger.
4. Take a warm meal to a new mom home from the hospital with her new baby.
5. Send a holiday card to a service member.
6. Offer lawn maintenance assistance (weeding, mowing, watering plants, raking leaves, etc.) to an elderly neighbor or someone who may need the extra hands.
7. Share the Blue Dove love with a family and send a christening gown or outfit for special holiday photos or outings :) 
8. Collect puzzles, crosswords and other word puzzles to donate to a local elder care home.
9. Send a handwritten card and/or your child's art to a family member or friend to brighten their day.
10. Bring cookies or a tasty treat to your local police or fire station with a handmade card from your kids.
11. Donate new books to your local children’s hospital. (Books should be new due to the children’s immune system/exposure to germs.)
12. Offer to do laundry and fold clothes for a family with a new baby at home.
13. Pay for someone else's meal or coffee the next time you go out to a restaurant.
14. Donate a Christmas tree or Christmas dinner to a family in need in your area. 
15. Bring the newspapers from the yard to the front porch for your neighbors.
16. Leave a bottle of water and some snacks for your postal and delivery service (e.g. UPS/Fed Ex) drivers.
17. Volunteer at a pet shelter or collect donations to bring to a local shelter. (Blankets, food, treats, leashes, bowls, etc.)
18. Bring in lunch for your school’s front office staff or teachers.
19. Go through your clothes and donate gently worn or new professional clothing to an organization (e.g. Dress for Success) to help someone get off to a great start with a job interview or new job.
20. Send a note to a past teacher, coach or mentor to tell them how much they mean to you/have influenced you throughout your life.
21. Dry off the slides or swings at a park after it rains.
22. Gift your child's school crossing guard(s) a pair of mittens or a warm hat. 
23. Learn to say “hello” in different languages to interact with different people.
24. After receiving great customer service from a store or service, leave a positive review, share with your friends or seek out the person’s manager to let them know what a great employee they have!
25. Invite a family friend or co-worker who doesn’t have family in the area to your holiday dinner. 
26. Call a family member you don’t normally keep in touch regularly with to check in and see how they are doing. 
27. Return someone's shopping cart at the store. 
28. Lend a friend a favorite book or movie.
29. Leave money in a vending machine as a nice surprise for the next person.
30. Send a student a “good luck with finals” treat bag or grocery gift card to help them get through their final exams. 
31. Do a favor without asking for anything in return.
"How beautiful a day can be when kindness touches it."
~George Elliston

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  • Love this service minded group! It’s one of my all time favorite things about our nest? helen,you have a beautiful soul and I love ALL of these ideas!! I think FC and I will bake treeats for the local police and fire departments, pay for the next car in line the next time we drive through Starbucks/chick fil a etc, leave water and a note for the USPS,fed ex, ups workers,and I will call/write my high school show choir director and still mentor to remind her how much of a difference she made for so many of us.


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